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Hegenberger Retractor

The Hegenberger Retractor solves a problem all suturing clinicians are familiar with. Lack of visibility and uncomfortable positioning is challenging for both the mother and the clinician. Malene Hegenberger was tired of using her hands to hold back the vaginal wall, handling women’s delicate, damaged and bleeding tissue while she struggled to see what she was doing.

She set about the challenge of creating a solution. Four years and 88 prototypes later Malene is the first midwife for nearly 200 years to bring an obstetric device to market. She became only the second midwife in history to develop an obstetric device – the first being Marie Boivin who died 181 years ago in 1841.

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Improved postnatal suturing of genital trauma

The Hegenberger Retractor enables an optimal overview of tears, improved working conditions for hardworking clinicians and optimal patient experience and outcome.

Why the Hegenberger Retractor is unique

Optimised visibility

Reduces risk of misdiagnosis

Revolutionary self locking mechanism

Easy for you to use

Better ergonomics for clinicians

Reduces musculoskeletal stress

Delivers the ‘third hand’

Enables autonomous practice

Optimised visibility

Reduces the risk of postnatal complications to ease anxiety 

Revolutionary self locking mechanism

More comfortable and dignified experience for mothers

Better ergonomics for clinicians

More confidence in a comfortable and relaxed clinician  

Delivers the ‘third hand’

More dedicated patient care to feel relaxed and confident 

Internationally recognised

The Hegenberger Retractor has been chosen as one of 46 finalists in the Index award 2021, from among 2001 candidates.

The Hegenberger Retractor is described in CNN as an innovative design that is tackling taboo health issues for women.

The Hegenberger Retractor is the winner of the Danish Design Award 2020.

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Dr John Rogers - NHS Obstetric Doctor


There is a risk that you stitch muscle to skin, rather than muscle to muscle, which can cause pain during sex. Using the Hegenberger Retractor makes these complications far less likely.

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