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Our aim is to provide clinicians with the essential everyday products required for use in Maternity departments.

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Hegenberger Retractor

A revolutionary product born from passion and purpose – solves the problem all suturing clinicians are familiar with

Hegenberger Training Pillow

This pillow is a fantastic training tool and enables clinicians to demonstrate the Hegenberger Retractor, allowing excellent visibility of the trauma. It provides a perfect explanation to the improved ergonomics the Hegenberger Retractor brings to all who use it.

Cord Ring (Latex & Latex Free)

An alternative to the cord clamp, the cord ring is softer and less bulky when attached to the babies’ cord, allowing that precious skin to skin time between mother and baby. (Not available in the US)

Amniotic Membrane Perforator

An essential piece of equipment used commonly on every labor ward. Within the induction process, the amnihook will be used to artificially rupture the amniotic sack. (Not available in the US)

Pregdate Measurer

A tape to measure the pregnant abdomen and predict the fetal weight. (Not available in the US)

Head Measurer

A tape to measure the circumference of the baby’s head. (Not available in the US)

Gynae Protection sheet

This collects all fluids associated with birth and allows for accurate measurement of blood loss during delivery. (Not available in the US)

Umbilical cord clamp

For safe, permanent compression of the umbilical cord post birth. The clamp stops bleeding from the blood vessels in the umbilical cord. (Not available in the US)

Ultrasound Blue Gel & Ultrasound Clear Gel

This high quality ultrasound gel is water based and is used to conduct ultrasound waves. An essential item used for fetal scanning and CTG monitoring. (Not available in the US)


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