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Empowering mothers

You’re preparing to become a mum: this is where you should turn for advice and information you can trust?

Understanding your pregnancy

We’ve partnered with The Modern Midwife to bring you an exclusive on-demand course that covers everything you need to know about becoming a mum.

From managing morning sickness to birth planning (and what you really need to know about the afterbirth), it’s your trusted partner guiding you through all things parenthood gently and knowledgeably.

What’s covered?


  1. What happens to your body and why
  2. The Role of your midwife
  3. Looking after your body
  4. Mental health and seeking support
  5. Physio with womens health specialist, Zoe Eggleton
  6. Overdue and induction of labour
  7. Antenatal worries with Malene (inventor of the Hegenberger Retractor)

Understanding Birth

  1. Going into labour
  2. Giving birth
  3. The power of birth partners (a section especially for those planning to attend the birth)

Calming audio file to listen to when you start contracting – key reminders of what to do, look out for and when to call your midwife. 

Birth interventions explained
(with leading Consultant Obstetrician Florence Wilcock)

  1. Assisted birth
  2. C-section


  1. Fear free birth
  2. Hypnobirthing part 1 (early labour)
  3. Hypnobirthing part 2 (established labour)

Audio relaxations and affirmations 


  1. Fitness class with Tennison fitness, pre & postnatal fitness expert (who is 37 weeks at the time of recording!)
  2. Yoga for pregnancy class with Kat King (my personal Doula and Yoga teacher)


  1. The first 24 hours (two part lesson)
  2. Your physical recovery
  3. Mental health with Dr Rebecca Moore (consultant psychiatrist and founder of Make birth Better)
  4. Breastfeeding (two part lesson)
  5. Perineal health, sex and healing after birth
  6. Sleep in the fourth trimester with Sleep consultant Sarah Patel


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