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Every new mother deserves sound and  trusted antenatal advice as well as optimal postnatal suturing that supports and protects her short and long-term needs.

Retractor Certification

Become a certified user to elevate your level of patient care through free online training sessions.

Log on and join our founder, Malene Hegenberger, as she introduces the Hegenberger Retractor to clinicians like you and demonstrates how it works.

Free online training lasts an hour, and you’ll receive a CPD certificate to confirm you’re a certified user following the session.

More than 700 clinicians have already taken advantage of this outstanding opportunity to learn from the inventor herself about the product.

After completing the training, clinicians become certified users of the Hegenberger Retractor and feel confident and in control of better patient care.


Education for Mothers

We have partnered with The Modern Midwife to bring you an exclusive on-demand course that covers everything you need to know about becoming a mum. Ensuring that you can get easy access to expert led advice and clinical support that you can trust.

From managing morning sickness to birth planning (and what you really need to know about the afterbirth), it’s your trusted partner guiding you through all things parenthood gently and knowledgeably.

This ground breaking course includes:

  • Pregnancy symptoms & how to manage them
  • Preparing for birth
  • Interactive visual birth plan


Training for Clinicians

At Hegenberger, we’re committed to empowering you to achieve this.

We’re dedicated to strengthening education and teaching to enhance clinical skills, the basis of all good clinical practice.

As part of this commitment, we’ve developed an extensive range of training options, including:

  • Instructional videos via our brand-new E-learning platform
  • LIVE monthly online training sessions with Malene
  • In-depth training programmes for multiple team members


Basic instructions

7 quick steps for use – learn how to place, suture, and remove the Hegenberger Retractor

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