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Hegenberger Medical launch in Canada!

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Author: Rory Muse

Hegenberger Medical is pleased to announce that AMT Surgical has been appointed as a strategic Enterprise Partner and the exclusive distribution partner of the Hegenberger Retractor in Canada.

The Hegenberger Retractor, invented by Danish Midwife Malene Hegenberger, is a unique, innovative and award-winning device, which transforms postpartum exploration and suturing by providing a clear view of the vaginal walls and perineum, improving outcomes for women with postpartum tears. The Hegenberger Retractor is the fist innovation in this field of obstetric practice for over 150 years.

AMT Surgical is a leading medical distributor with more than 25 years’ clinical experience and a deep knowledge of the market, being the largest distributor of Electrosurgical accessories in Canada. Currently conducting business with more than 400 hospitals in the Canadian market, AMT Surgical solely focuses on careful consultation with their customers to determine the optimum balance of patient safety, clinical performance, ease of use and cost effectives.

Marcus Baiano, National Sales Manager, said “We are very pleased to be partnered with Hegenberger Medical and feel that the Hegenberger Retractor will bring significant value to Canadian Healthcare and will improve patient outcomes across the country.”

For further information about the Hegenberger Retractor, orders, or training support, please contact AMT Surgical’s Customer Services Team on 1-888-803-6799 or alternatively, email orders@amtvantage.com.

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