Hegenberger Medical study published in MIDIRS Digest December 2022 issue

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Author: Rory Muse

We’re delighted to announce that another of our clinical studies has been published in the latest issue of the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest (Dec 2022, volume 32, number 4).

In the December issue of the Midwives Information & Resource Service (MIDIRS) quarterly journal Darya Kozlyk and Malene Hegenberger analysed qualified midwives’ perceptions of our Hegenberger Retractor for perineal repair following online clinical training.

We were so pleased with the study’s positive results! Their findings included:

  • 97% of midwives were extremely positive or somewhat positive about the Hegenberger Retractor.
  • Midwives believed that the Retractor was an appealing, unique and clinically relevant device.
  • High likelihood of uptake in use if available in the clinical environment to facilitate postpartum perineal repairs.
  • Midwives identified benefits of using the Hegenberger Retractor such as simplicity of use, improved exposure for perineal diagnosis and repair, enablement of hands free work and improved safety such as perceived reduced risk of needlestick injury.

Want to read the study for yourself? Then click the link below:

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