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Mail on Sunday article – Hegenberger Retractor can prevent debilitating complications in childbirth

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Author: Hegenberger Medical

We are so excited to share with you that the Hegenberger Retractor has been featured in the Mail on Sunday health pages on Sunday 26th February 2023!

Daily Mail Online | Wishbone device that treats injuries to mothers in childbirth could be rolled out in NHS nationwide

Roughly eight in ten women who give birth vaginally suffer a tear in the pelvic tissues. In about a third of cases, the tear affects muscles in the pelvis and/or back passage. Forty per cent suffer a pelvic floor condition that can last a decade.

Patient testimonies are also positive. One woman involved in a trial during her second birth in 2020 said: ‘I suffered tears in my perineum muscle [the area between the vagina and back passage] in both of my births. The first time was a real struggle. But the second time, when I was treated using the Retractor, it barely felt like I had any stitches. In just days I felt back to normal.’

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