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Women’s Hour episode with Malene Hegenberger and Marie Louise

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BBC Womens hour spoke to Malene Hegenberger (inventor of the Hegenberger Retractor) and Marie Louise (The Modern Midwife) to talk about tearing during childbirth and how the Hegenberger Retractor can help with postpartum repairs.

As experienced midwives and mothers, they discussed smashing the taboo of “Talking about tearing” and perineal trauma as a result of childbirth.

To quote Marie “We finally shed a light on a topic that’s been in the dark ages for way too long!”

More than 85% of women having a vaginal birth suffer some degree of perineal trauma (a tear or episiotomy). It is estimated that at least one third of women in the UK and US require perineal suturing following birth.

Malene Hegenberger is the second woman in 200 years to invent a new obstetric device. She shared why she’s so passionate and how it feels to be the second woman to do it.

To quote Malene “I want to be a role model for other midwives, that if they have a brilliant idea, they should take it on”

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