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Midwife, Cork Ireland


I used to hate suturing, now I’m happy to suture thanks to Hegenberger’s visibility and retractor, hands free. It’s a big help!

Fleur Burden


I have been an NHS midwife for 21 years. It dawned on me that I don’t even sew a badge on my daughters brownie outfit with one hand. Why should I be expected to do it on a mothers perineal repair? This is why the Hegenberger Retractor is a unique product! It allows you to suture using both your hands to repair the trauma caused by childbirth.

Clinician/Leader of Midwifery - UAE


I now use the Hegenberger Retractor for all suturing, as it is literally my second pair of hands. Visibility is improved tenfold due to the ability of the Hegenberger Retractor to hold the vaginal walls aside. I do not envision going back to the old ways now and I’ve discovered the Hegenberger Retractor!

Anders Watt Boolsen


I am an Obstetrician in Demark.

The Hegenberger creates an overview that especially helps the inexperienced by freeing one hand for better suturing. It is easy to use and a simple and good support for suturing ruptures.

Akanksha Goyal


I am a Junior Obstetrician, working for the NHS in England.

The retractor made it much easier to visualize the tear and the apex. It made suturing much quicker and limited blood loss because of that.


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